Saturday, October 10, 2009

Of Obama and his new toy


Saw on the news yesterday that our man Barry has been selected for a 'surprise' Nobel Peace Prize. Aha.

I've been curious about the world's reaction to this declaration and have been following discussions in cyberworld. News channels are abuzz with so-called experts pouring in their 2 cents in little TV boxes titled 'London' or 'New York', while an Indian journo with a typical desi accent occupies the rest of the TV screen and interrupts them every 2 seconds.

In as much as I admire Barry Boy for what he has achieved in his life, I don't believe it warrants a Nobel Peace Prize. One for literature, maybe (I quite enjoyed his books). I mean, c'mon, who can't see that this move is so intensely political? The powers-that-be who determine these things know what America's handshake of peace and friendship could mean. The 205 people who nominated him for the award are, oh surprise !!! mostly those non-White people who he got into high positions. The Muslim countries of the world now have a benchmark to hold him to: Mr. Barry, act like a Nobel Prize winner !

The Nobel Prize is to be given to outstanding achievement in the area of world peace. This does not include declarations or promises. Yes, there was an iftar in Trichur (a town in Kerala) - and many more in other places - sponsored by the White House, but those are not considered significant contributions to world peace. This is not to say that Barry cannot make a significant contribution - he sure can and is in the most powerful position to do something about violence, provided he has a little more time.

The politics involved in the Nobel committee's decisions has been obvious awhile. Gandhiji was nominated 5 times over a period of 5 years. Here was a man who changed the course of history through his approach towards peace and ahimsa. Even the unforgettable Martin Luther King referred to peace as 'Gandhi's way'. And the best the Nobel Committee could come up with, was to not award anyone the prize in 1948 when Gandhiji was assassinated. Shameful.

This Nobel Prize would have made heaps of sense if it had been given when Obama's contribution had been proven beyond doubt. As it stands, Britney Spears would've made a better recipient.

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