Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of being inspired

I have made a few friends in the MBA program.

Whilst some have taught me how not to be, some have shone the torch to show me one or two things I must learn and integrate into my own life. Some examples:

X who did not write any exams because 'he wasn't in the mood'.

Y who chose to not graduate because he thought exams were about war and he just didn't have an armour.

S who said she watched movies and porn, shopped, did other interesting stuff and finally managed to 'squeeze in 1 or 2 hours every week to study'.


A was so methodical he had differently coloured folders for each subject and painfully wrote down every point made by every academic in class.

K was just so nice (and not stupid) that she spent a whole lot of money on others in class with zero expectations of any return in cash or kind.

R was so disciplined he would cycle 7 miles to class daily come hail or highwater (both of which were common in Glasgow) to be in class or at groupwork on time every time. He also studied like crazy in the early hours of the morning after putting his 2 young kids to sleep.

M who was just way too intelligent for this school. There was little this guy hadn't done. He rattled statistics on any subject off his head, scored the highest in class, authored books and tested MS products professionally whilst sponsoring his and his girlfriend's education.

And I wonder....what would they say about me?

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Anonymous said...

hook me up with S. she seems to be my kinda girl.