Saturday, October 4, 2008

Of being grumpy

Not feeling so positive today.

The real classes have started and they are much more difficult than I anticipated. My fault.

After a week-long lecture session, our prof (who has authored the book we're supposed to be studying) has given us an assignment so freaking complicated that I can't figure out what the hell to do. My fault.

The above assignment is to be submitted groupwise. I am in a group of five with three other Indians and an African - out of which one of the Indian guys is serious about doing this well. The others are freeloading. Not my fault.

The British - or Scottish (or whatever) banking system sucks big time. Banks open from 10 AM to 4:45 PM Monday to Friday. Most of them shut shop on Saturday. You need to check their website to see if they're open. If you finally find one that is open and if you go there on Saturday (like I did today after walking a couple of miles in a blizzard - read below), you have to 'please take a seat' and 'someone will be with you shortly' in a couple of hours. My flatmate went to Barclays Bank the other day to open an account and after waiting for an hour, she was asked to 'please book an appointment for tomorrow to see a personal banker who can assist you with your account opening process'. To heal the wound, she was promised that 'you'll need no waiting tomorrow' only another 30 mins after she got there to open a simple savings account. System fault.

The weather is a sucker. The freaking blizzard totally messed up my umbrella - the wind just bent the metal rods and broke them with the ease of snapping a dry twig as if mocking me while I looked on helplessly. Soon after, it almost threw me over the pavement and right on to a shocked Scotsman. Not my fault at all.

Overall, depressed. This whole thing is , well, interesting. Or maybe it's just this dull weather. Like our British teacher says, 'Oh bother!'


Anonymous said...

Hope you will have much better days ahead..I'm in the US and having gone through a master's degree with similar experiences I can very well understand ur situation! I still do not understand why people take up an advanced degree if they are really not interested in doing *ANY* work.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for that !