Monday, March 17, 2008

Of gen-Y

The cousin came down from USA with her semi-American daughters aged nine and four.

The older one D is a bookworm - complete with soda-glassed spectacles, shabby clothes and scholarly attitude. I nicknamed her 'but why' because that is the only question she asks.

Me: Cows do not walk backwards sweety.
D: But why?
Me: We can turn our heads and bodies back because we have two legs, cows can't do that because they have four.
D: But why?

Needless to say, she is contemptuous at other mortals. And that includes her sister A who is just her opposite.

Bubbly and cheerful with big brown eyes, A is lovable and cuddly. She wakes you up with a tight hug and then proceeds to wring your neck until your eyeballs slowly pop out of your head. She loves music and dancing, laughs a lot, adores her brainy chechi to bits and is hooked on 'why not?'.

Situation : A needs help to use the restroom, so I volunteer. Later, she finds me going to the restroom and locking the door. I hear a feeble knock. When I open the door, A is waiting outside with tiny hands firmly across her chest.

Me: Yes, dear?
A: I wanna come inside now.
Me: Oh, you need to use the rest room?
A (indignantly): No, I wanna watch.
Me (open-mouthed): !#$&%^&*&*!!!!!!! No way, honey.
A: Why not?
Me: Because it is bad manners, sweetheart. You need to let people be alone when they use restrooms and not chase them like this. Now you're not a bad girl, are you sweety ?
A: Well, you watched when I did it !
Me: #!%*&#$%$&*%^& !!!! *ran out of the restroom for dear life*

I give up.

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