Saturday, December 15, 2007

Of settling

Just read John Wesley's post on the '5 signs that you have settled' over at PickTheBrain.

The whole corporate gupshup is getting to me. Using Wesley's guide, I have settled. 5 times over. I am a doormat now.

I am probably the epitome of under-utilization. I'm so bored I have read every newsflash in the company database. I'm running short of websites to browse. I can draw graphs of posting patterns of my fav bloggers. I refresh Google News every five minutes and worry about how nothing changes. I send my friend an email with the subject 'Test' and run to her desk to see if I get there before my email does. I have the largest selection of snoozies holding 'I'm bored' placards on my IM.

I have settled. Miserably.

So much for career growth. Oops, what's career look like???

Then there are the signals that people send. Like not rewarding a job well done, finding faults wherever possible, asking too many pointed questions, the guys who wanted you for every possible favour now looking through you - and so many more.

I feel sick. Sick of having settled.


Lost in trance... said...


rinchen said...

Huh?? Settled as in saw a boy? Tell me more!

(If not the above, you can draw the conclusion that I'm not that bright after all) :P

a said...

settled big time..

stayingpositive said...

@Rinchen - Just feeling frustrated. Not met anyone. Grrr. That's not even the topic :(

Ajith said...

Hey was browsing by and saw your blog.interesting. I tried to read your profile to know about you but its left unfilled. I am from palakkad too now in US.what do you do ? work ? dance ? or just blog :-) where in pkd do u belong to. u can write me at in case I dont get to see this on your blog

Ajith said...

sorry its !!