Sunday, December 2, 2007

Of being Mis-World

That's not a typo !

The Miss World (or Universe or Earth or Mars) competition blows up millions of dollars every year. Each 'foundation' seems to want to identify 'real' beauty, but do they?

Case in point - yesterday's Miss World contest. Is it me, or is it a coincidence that there was no contestant from any China-unfriendly country in the semi-finalists? No contestant from India, UK or Australia. Miss USA had won all the sporting competitions, so she had to be let thru. She was conveniently dropped in the next round.

There was no sashaying of models in designer wear. There were no questions asked! Each contestant was given 40 seconds to explain she was the ideal Miss World candidate. Everyone included the word 'AIDS' in their rehearsed monologues. Nobody made much sense, though.

What did our winner say? As Miss World, she would link the Olympics with the Miss World competition. I'm sorry, but what exactly does that mean? And how is that relevant? Please enlighten me.

During this process, she spent some 10 seconds searching the unfathomable depths of her mind for the word 'link' - pronounced as 'leeeenk'.

When she was announced the winner, she remained calm and composed (as opposed to the extreme excitement my Chinese colleagues displayed when they won some company merchandise). When she took her first walk as Miss World, she dropped her 'Miss World' sash. Ewww.

Please tell me there were no hidden agendas. Please tell me it was all fair. Please tell me that the winner was decided purely on merit and to advocate 'beauty with a purpose' - even if it was to link two unrelated events. Please tell me that playing the host had nothing to do with it.

That being said, Miss China is a pretty young lass. Just like every other contestant.


aravind said...

1) There were no hidden agendas.
2) It was all fair.
3) The winner was decided purely on merit and to advocate 'beauty with a purpose' - even if it was to link two unrelated events.
4)The host had nothing to do with it.


Gud to know you started blogging.. (again)

AK said...

Orey thank u Aravind !

Pinne, I asked Unni if you have lost wt after going to Phx. Please ask him what he told me !!!

rinchen said...

It was all rigged, I think. Everybody I know thinks so. What a waste of time.

Missed your blog, girl!