Sunday, August 26, 2007

Of the super dancer

Just switched off the telly after watching the grand finale of the 'Super Dancer' show on Amrita TV. 'Poor boy' Prasanth(on the left) won the grand prize - a brand new Suzuki Swift and cried like a newborn when he got the keys.

Reality shows seem to crop up like mushrooms all over the media. Amrita TV itself has several of them - Super star, super star global,super star junior, mahila ratnam and so on.

Granted, it's a new form of entertainment. Several laymen get the chance to come on TV and to make a neat bundle in the process. The viewers get to see fresh faces - and that factor helps increase viewership.

Oh, and then there are the SMSs. Mobile operators laugh all the way to the bank when unemployed youth with plenty of time on their hands send several hundred SMSs per day to get their favourite contestant in #1 position. Apart from the key question on whether the statistics shown on TV are real, it's all too easy to tilt the scales in one's favour - just buy a few prepaid SMS cards and distribute them for free. With unlimited SMS offers by several operators, it's a breeze - to cheat.

It seems preposterous to me that the common man - who in most cases has no idea of the nuances of art - gets to decide the winner. Judges in this particular show gave qualitative opinion of each dance and then the performer went on a vote-begging spree. Needless to say, the voting was based on emotions and not on facts. The good looking girl and the poverty-stricken boy were always selected for the next round. Somewhere in this process, some real talent was conveniently eliminated.

Check this out - the winner of this mega contest (it went on for several months with God-alone-knows-how-many elimination rounds, dance styles and what not)has bagged himself a role in a movie - as a COMEDIAN. So that's what they wanted - a man fit to be a JOKER. Prasanth, you have my sympathies !

That being said, the show brought out some real gems - people who personified real grit and courage. The channel did a wonderful job honoring a disabled girl who participated and even cleared the first few rounds - all the while dancing on one leg.

Unfortunately I did not catch her name, but lady - whoever you are, hats off to you.

You totally rock !


rinchen said...

Hahaha... I know what you're talking about since we're also caught up in the Indian Idol fever and my husband Ashim Tamang seems hell bent on spending all his balance on SMSing for Prashant Tamang (no relations except for Jaat-bhai - which I'm sure this Nepali word has the same meaning in Hindi too!)

Its a big deal for him cause this is the first time a Nepali has made it to the mega Indian Idol stage and now that he's in the top 4, the supporters seem to be doing all they can to make him win.

All this makes me wonder - you know, if every region starts this kind of voting, then real talent's not going to stand a chance.

Although, I dont watch any other reality shows other than The Apprentice. Each show seems to be like the other and its all too mundane before long.

Hey, I didnt know even the regional tv shows were plagued by the 'reality' shows. I thought only national tv was afflicted!

Did I say already that I like reading your posts? Keep it up, man!

stayingpositive said...

Rinchen - Thank you for your comment. All TV channels are plagued with reality shows, I guess. Maybe it's the community feeling that drives people to vote for people they don't even know. I agree with you that it's definitely not the right way to pick talent.

yempee said...

Oh mi gosh, was that me?
The reason for this long
Painful silence?

Anonymous said...

But arent the SMS charged 6 rupees per SMS