Sunday, July 29, 2007

Of free booze

Tis promotion time.

Yeah, yours truly got promoted too ! *takes a bow*

Tis also the time for the booze to flow.

Anyone who 'matters' has his calendar chockfull of booze party invitations. No invitation is rejected unless the invitee is dead.

This thing called alcohol can work miracles. It can make people happy or sad, restless or contended, provide courage and encourage bonding. It can get people into or out of jobs, sex or marriages. Officers in the government(and elsewhere) die for it. The more firangi your offering, the better your chances of success.

And when caps come off the bottles, the tongues start to wag. Some jokes are so bad that one has to tickle oneself to force a smile.

(Un)officially, the host of the evening is consecrated a member of the 'elite' team.

That doesn't deter some non-drinkers. They sponsor this event and then endure the torment all evening by sipping water or fruit juice. Ah ! the things we do to climb up the corporate ladder !

And idiots like me wonder why no amount of good work gets me anywhere. duh !