Friday, June 15, 2007

Of Sivaji

Uber-lavish sets across continents. Ultra-expensive costumes. Witty one-liners. A whole new bunch of stunts. 6-door Mercedes'. True-to-life makeup. Hot babes. On-your-face punchlines. Very hot heroine who leaves nothing to the imagination. World-class visual effects. A R Rehman. Nayantara. The one and only Rajnikanth.

That's Sivaji (the boss) for you.
Sivaji was released a few hours ago all over India. However, the hype started several months back, and progressively increased. Tickets were booked for weeks in advance. Yesterday, it was a top 10 headline in the news.And yes, I watched it today (Yes ! still excited !). The movie was supposedly an 86-crore venture. And now I know why. *evil laughter*
Rajni totally rocks. It's hard to believe that at the ripe old age of 60, someone can look and act so young ! The stunts are truly catchy - guns shooting at will, fake hands to fool enemies, swords that pierce enemies even while not in use, coin tossed from the hand right into the pocket, sunglasses, tossing gum on the villian's face (and chewing it once it bounces back) et al.
Variety is everything ! Our hero travels from Chennai to NYC, then to Spain. The songs are mostly shot abroad (except the Nayantara song).And the effects. Boy oh boy ! One song(pictured above) has Rajni in 8 costumes all in the same shot - doing 8 different dance steps around the very-hot Shreya.
Shreya has tried. It's not easy acting with the boss ! With some lavish booby show (she takes off her red half-saree to save Rajni from being run over by a train and then runs halfway down the platform in just her blouse - all the while jiggling her assets) and booty-shaking, makes her presence felt (I'm sure several people in the theatre had increased blood supply to certain parts of their anatomy)The make-up artist has done wonders - in one song, her face has diamonds (or some such stones) pasted on it. She looks gorgeous.
Her washboard abs just reminded me how bad mine were. Sigh !(On another note, I wonder how many people she had to sleep with to get this role)
The music is nice, so is Nayantara.
Awesome movie - for lack of a better description. And on day 1 of the action, it was an experience of a lifetime.
It's time for Amitabh Bachchan to learn a few things about acting.

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