Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Of gratitude

The rainy season is here.

Moi dislikes the rains. Dirty roads, puddles of mosquito-infested waters, bacterial diseases, wet clothes and cloudy skies annoy me.

The only time rains are enjoyable is when one is at home during a weekend. The warm bed is quite inviting this time of the year. Couple that with a hot meal and hot chocolate - and whoa! you have a picture-perfect monsoon!

Well, that kind of summed up my last Sunday - a hot meal, a warm bed and lots of heavy-duty sleep.

While moi was slowly waking up looking over the balcony and sipping hot tea, a labourer couple walked down the road. They had no slippers on and both were completely drenched - it was raining heavily and they had no umbrella. They were probably on their way back home after a grueling day of work. On a Sunday.

And that got me wondering (yes, I never stop!) . Many of the so-called self-development books I read talked about 'standing for something'. In other words, the key thing is to identify that one quality a person signifies. Obviously, different strokes for different folks.

Persistence, says a book , is the one thing you gotta have, and everything else will follow. There is another author who advocates excellence at every task. Goal-setting is another favorite item of several authors.

When we see the world thru our pair of eyes, we see it not as it is, but as we are. Which is why the one quality one should signify is a matter of individual choice.

Gratitude gets my vote. If there's one quality every human must have, it is gratitude. By gratitude I mean being thankful and appreciative of what one has. It means not always whining for more. However, it does not mean inaction or laziness. Strive for improvement, but stop every once in a while to celebrate what you already have.

On that Sunday afternoon, it meant being thankful to God that I have a house and a warm bed to sleep on. Of not having to get drenched in heavy rains. Of having a family. Of being educated. Of being 'normal'.

Gratitude brings humility. When we're humble, we learn to dissociate ourselves from our achievements and our good fortunes. Over time, we realize that we're mere instruments for the Almighty to work His miracles.

Come to think of it, each moment of human life is a miracle.

Thank you God. Thank you very much.


rinchen said...

Amen to that :)

A said...

as einstein once said..there are two ways to live...one as if everything is a miracle..and the other that there is no thing as miracle..