Thursday, April 26, 2007

Of emptiness

I have no idea where life is taking me.

Maybe I'm going places, or merely staying put. How do I know ?

The human mind is always ready to label events. We always want to know if something is good or evil, preferable or not. And my mind in all its ostentatious vanity has termed this feeling 'emptiness'.

Ah ! Wouldn't you know wiki had a page on emptiness? Numbness, that's what it is.

It all boils down to being bored at work, methinks. Somehow it's hardwired that work is everything - well, almost - and when there's nothing to learn, the inquisitive mind dies a slow, painful death. Add to it liberal scoops of schmoozing, sidelining and plain stupidity. Whoa - here's a winning combination for attrition !

That being said, the inquisitive mind looks for positive channels for output. Life is about stretching oneself to the level where one is uncomfortable - and then just a little more. So yours truly has been studying, taking tests and preparing for life beyond airconditioned offices.

Oh, and if you are yet to read 'Think and Grow Rich' by Napoleon Hill, please do so. In this time of mindless browns, this book is a much-needed Holi festival.

Stay positive, people !


Ross Cornwell said...

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Chuck & Shirley Bartok said...

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Yes, you really know me said...

Life is not taking you or me anywhere.

Life is to live, its not to arrive.

Life is not when you climb that last everest, or not when you have fame or fortune.

Life is when u see the truth as truth and false as false.
Life is when you love for the sake of love.
Life is when you enjoy the beauty of rain , beauty of sunset...

Staying positive means, you accept the fact that there is negative.
You try with all your effort to keep the other (read negative) away and hold this (read positive).
This will only create the conflict of opposites.

The beauty of life is when you have resolved all your conflicts.

Then only you will 'arrive' somewhere..

If you have flame of discontent in you, dont smother it will 'satisfaction'..let it burn and see where it takes you !