Saturday, January 20, 2007

Of exams

Yours truly has a couple of exams to take over the coming weekends.

Made me wonder how taking an exam makes us think up strategies.
For now, I know I am going to attack the theoretical stuff first and then do the mathematical stuff later. The objective is to get the magical score of 80 on 200.

With a goal in sight, the mind conjures up different ways of achieving it, and the brain silts out the logical one.

We compromise. Then we plan how to justify the compromise. And then we compromise on that plan.

Jack Welch once said that learning a subject should be like tending to a farm. The sowing, the weeding, the plowing all need to be done at the right times, only then will the harvest be bountiful. You can't cram the farm !

If I were to own the farm, I'd do all that in the 11th hour and 59th minute. Thank God I'm not a farmer !


Sachin R K said...

Reminded me of the "system" we used for our Engg exams - doing selective study among the four modules. "Kittiyal Ooty alle chatti ( If we win we get everything , else nothing ). Unfortunately in my case , more often than not, I was left holding the chatti

stayingpositive said...

Thank you sachin - for your comment, and welcome to my blog !
Yes, totally with you on the chatti concept - we had our share of chattis as well !