Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Miracle of Life

Every single moment of being alive is a miracle. And that's one thing the East and the West agree upon (finally!).

In the West, they talk about living life 'full out' and of filling every waking moment with profound passion. 'Live on the edge' they say, because you're gonna die anyway.

In the East, the connotation differs slightly. 'You never knew about today until yesterday, and have no idea about tomorrow. You might be dead the next moment and yet you seem so proud of yourself ' goes a famous Indian hymn. So, keep the faith. The One who keeps and cures all is watching over.

It amazes me how many people take their lives (and the lives of their loved ones) for granted. The old adage - when we live, we live like we'd never die and when we die, we die like we've never lived - rings true. Each living moment is a treasure and people while away their hours. People drive like there's no tomorrow. They spend time doing unproductive activities. And they spend countless hours in front of the TV watching re-runs, or in front of the computer 'just surfing around'.
Hey, life is also about having some fun. About living on the edge. About relaxation and games and surfing and TV. About some good drinks and (even better) sex. Like Robin says 'We're all going back to the same dust. We might as well have some fun while we're here'.

But the key word is 'balance'.

Death is a great leveller. We truly understand the value of something when we don't have it anymore. All of a sudden, we'd do anything for that hug, that kiss, that smile, that home-cooked meal, that word of encouragement. By then, it's a moment too late.

We're mortals, just a sigh on the edge of eternity. While we're here, we might as well spread the good spirit. The best use of time is in creating everlasting bonds with the people who matter. Then we continue to live in their memories long after we're gone. Now, that's one thing time can't kill.

Live and love as much as possible, because there's yet to be a day that returns. Because when it's time to go, there is nothing more tragic than realizing that our lives were meaningless.

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